Anamarija Nuša Mulej is not only a creator in her soul and a designer in real life, she is also a savvy entrepreneur who successfully maintains a balance between life values and the tangible heritage she is creating.

On the one hand, her work shines through the visibility of Eltec Petrol in the wider entrepreneurial milieu, and on the other, her energy permeates a virtually limitless social environment that is invisibly, yet inextricably linked to the cultural and social part of our being.

Nuša does not only have the ability to design and bring to life, for example, a unique and visible presence in a trade show for Eltec Petrol as its creative director, or to organise various memorable events, such as the Eltec Mulej fashion show – she can also bring together sophisticated energy and other technical solutions that the company develops and offers on the market, even in a package that is attractive for children and young people.

Her experience as a high school teacher of fashion design also allows her to successfully organise and carry out creative workshops on energy and the environment for our youngest learners. She has also co-authored literary works for children that are part of the Modrisvet (Wise World) collection. It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that business ventures in collaboration with Nuša transform into a wonderful challenge in life tinged with culture and sensuality!

Alenka Žumbar Klopčič

editor and director of Energetika.NET and writer of eco books for children

Our paths crossed in a theatre, on Triglav radio and during creative workshops for young people, and brought together her magic wand for fine arts and mine for theatre. We are driven by the same thought that was so eloquently put into words by the French writer Maurice Barrès (1862–1923): Happiness is essentially nothing but a courageous will to live while you accept the conditions of life. Collaboration with Anamarija Nuša Mulej means that, as words are said and plans are made, a kaleidoscope of all possible and attainable solutions already starts to take shape – on all possible levels. The walker of the path, Anamarija Nuša, is a creator who, in her own unique way, designs, discovers and always wants to learn something new. Her intentions, however, do not float on a cloud of child-like curiosity but are based on the conviction that without courage, love and passion, without the positive attitude and ventures into utopian ideas, humanity remains but a shadow, an unfinished outline without a nest where the young can thrive – the young with a firm will to create one’s own life, find one’s own self and attain self-realisation on the highest possible level. Illusion and the foolish desire that life be formed only of nice things crumbles quickly when we face adversity.

Sketches and thoughts or thoughts and sketches stemming from deep insights that guide us through this handbook of poetry, imbued with optimism, give us a moment to reflect, find meaning, laugh without restraint and run into the meadow of joy, set abloom by a lush spring; to write down and sketch out our own ideas, sudden inspirations and insights; to capture in words the waves of warmth in the family, at work, playfulness amidst friends and the building blocks of enduring success.

Anamarija Nuša, thank you for the inspiration, the signpost that we’ll continue to build on, each in our own way. Let us walk the path made precious by the moments of rest that we create if we are »the right people«.

Alenka Bole Vrabec

actor, director translator, Sovre Award winner, and author of a travel cookbook