»There are so many small, beautiful, enjoyable things we can share. Things like cute clothes, beautiful art and pretty flowers; items that are overflowing with beauty. If you just become obsessed with your own problems, you miss these things. When you discover them, you become happy.«
– Novala Takemoto

Book Portraits of inspiration and bookmark

Book Portraits of inspiration and bookmark with illustrations and selected quotes in Slovenian and English. The bibliographically designed book, with chapters ranging from love to wisdom, works as a set of LIVING KEYS in detailed dialogue between illustrations and quotes. They represent the “hero’s journey” for self-guidance and rectification of thoughts. Verbal and visual ideas lead the individual on the path to your goal.

It becomes your loyal companion and a valuable personal treasury of ideas, notes and inspiration on your journey towards reflection, calmness and a fulfilled heart.

Inspiring cards

Inspiring cards offer a free association technique for thinking. They speed up the process of creative thinking, connection and inclusion. They restore and preserve our memory, as well as harmonize the left and right brain. When we choose the words, we connect them with our associations to a completely new, big picture. When we ask ourselves something or if we want to achieve a goal, we awaken our inner powers that we can reach it faster and easier.

Wishing cards with illustrations and quotes

Wishing cards with illustrations and quotes on subjects from love to wisdom in Slovene and English.

The illustrations are part of the Portraits of inspiration brand from authors and are visualized in a circular form.





This book is a testament to a soul’s depth – to its abilities that can help others to find their own.
For me, Anamarija Nuša is a synonym for creativity, inspiration, empathy and energy. As a mentor to her explorations in psychology, I see this book as an inspiration for all readers who want to discover their own resources.

One of the axioms in neurolinguistic programming says: »Everyone has all the resources in themselves, if they wish to change something.« And this book is a wonderful tool to do just that.

Dr. Nada Kaiser, PhD

psychotherapist ECP, NLP master trainer (DVNLP, IN-ICI)

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