Authentic Shiwa and Svarog Swim Fashion collection
Your inspiration for endless combinations

Urban Safari

Nastal je Urbani safari – nova športno eleganta kolekcija za vse pustolovke po srcu, ki cenite trajnost, multiuporabnost, unikatnost, minimalizem in kvaliteto.

Urban Safari – sport meets elegance in a new fashion collection for all the adventurers at heart who value sustainability, uniqueness, minimalism, quality and multi-usability, in the spirit of “less is more”


A design product story - Colors of Novigrad - Cittanova

by Mulej vizije in cooperation with the Museum Lapidarium.

The handmade gifts line intertwines nature, culture, art and human being.
Be welcomed & explore more in the Link shop Novigrad 🙂

Nagradna igra

Z revijo Ženski svet vam podarjamo inovativne kopalke, dvostranske ali enodelne Shiwa po izbiri.


Swim Fashion for her

Double-sided bikini (4 in one) with light scarf pareo
Easiness & Elegance. Well being.
Your inspiration for endless combinations

Swim Fashion for him

Multipurpose shorts – swimwear for men
Easiness & Sporty elegance. Well being.
Your inspiration for endless combinations

Fashion collection

Fashion collection designed with cutaway details, prints and unique ilustrations.
A fusion of easiness, elegance & multipurpose.
Endless posibilities of combinations. Step inside. Dream, love & explore more

Interactive creative workshop

In the rhytem of own vision – a
transformational path with purpose to improve the quality of life,
expand personal abilities & improve self confident
Panorama hall, GH Toplice Bled, 21. 4. 2018

Interactive work group

Interactive work group

first part of tranformational hero journey
Grand Hotel Toplice, april 2018

Work group

Practical socialising with inspirational cards Portraits of inspiration made with intention that one individual reaches his goals faster.

Creating unique ceramics with gilding for special events

Consulting and coaching concept through holistic aproach. This event was made for celebrating an anniversary of a weeding in Grand hotel Toplice.

Colours of Novigrad - Cittanova

Colours of Novigrad – Cittanova 4 you in the Link shop – Museum Lapidarium Novigrad. Decorative items, gifts, hand-made souvenirs, designer textiles in the soul of: Colours of Novigrad – Cittanova, designed by Anamarija Mulej

TAOblacila / TAO clothes collection

Personalized tunics, trousers, T-shirt dresses with gold-printed flower of life. Made for individuals daily use and to practise taichi, chi gong or joga designed by Anamarija Mulej. To enjoy and to balance: body, soul, mind and to feel good in and out.

Coaching sessions

Motivational guiding for individuals with inspirational cards. Daily inspiration, creative thinking & intuitive decision with Portraits of inspiration as part of a Hero journey. Every tiny action and choice made today can have a surprising impact on the future. Holistic concept design by Anamarija Mulej

Inspiring cards

A playful complement for creative thinking. After asking a question and choosing the individual words, we connect them through mental associations to create the big picture and to reach our goals faster.                                              

I draw vision and manifest my desires

Interactive creative workshop – a guide to personal growth, satisfaction and success in life Panorama hall, GH Toplice Bled, 1. 2. 2017

Wedding of the soul - experience 2go

Wedding fair festival Bled, 15. / 16. October 2016

Decide for the personalised wedding story

“Wedding of the Soul – experience 2go”

in Grand Hotel Toplice.

Slovenian contemporary ceramics - International exhibition IAC, Barcelona 2016

Presenting contemporary ceramics at 47. IAC, Sant Rafel Pavilion in the Sant Pau Recinte Modernista palace. Anamarija Nuša Mulej is presenting set “Awareness – Conciencia” in collaboration with the Institute V-oglje.

Taste golden Tea - Novigrad Museum Lapidarium

Multimedia and international interactive ambient installation A la carte 2016 on the theme of the culture of the table and food. This is a work in progress with films, performances, music and applied art. According to exhibition “Taste golden Tea” by Anamarija Nuša Mulej, the art Lap Lunch bar in the evening opens for people to hang and chat and drink special Tea for nurturing and to feed the mind, soul and body.

Wedding of the Soul

Special ceramic gift sets and tableware products, sales exhibition in GHT Bled from 2015, also for art-enogastronomy, celebration events in Grand Hotel Toplice Bled.

Sales exhibition of ceramics with accessories

LINK, Lapidarium Museum – Novigrad – Cittanova, HR

The secret life of my body

This monocomedy, a great performance according to china alternative medicine – philosophy                                                             is playing around Slovenian theatres from March 2016. Scenography & costumografy by Anamarija Nuša Mulej

3D multifunctional stand designed in wood & glass

10x10x10 cm square stand, for holding letters or photos, using also as pedestal from natural materials for a fruit bowl or cup.

Art in miniature

Exhibition in Majdanpek, Srbija, 2015

Month of design

Brands & branding, Ljubljana 2015

Keramik-Museum Berlin

Presenting Slovenian modern ceramics in colaboration with zavod V-oglje, 2015.

Portraits of Bled - To be a creative inspiration to self and everyone

Library Bled, 2014 Special inspirational enrichment evening, presentation, conversation with contemporary artist Anamarija Nuša Mulej with host Alenka Bole Vrabec on activating secret potentials.

Exhibition Galerija 14, Bled, Slovenija

Unique golden PORTAL – applied art in a series of handmade creations for enriching home & personal life: ceramics, graphics, books, inspirational cards with the faces of inspirations, 2014.

ARTerija Novigrad – Cittanova, Muzej Lapidarium

Workshop and exhibition, recycled paper dress, 2014.

Entrepreneurship development

HRM Workshops for young Entrepreneurship development, Kranj 2015

Portraits of inspiration

self-exhibition, Bled castle gallery, 2013

Fashion show – Energy revue Eltec Mulej, Energy fair, Celje

Energy Revue as part of Total brand identity for Eltec Mulej, marketing, applied art, business events, edu academy for children – organizing a special program with dr. Klima workshops to reduce energy and water consumption.
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