Weddings of the soul

Weddings of the soul

For an everlasting, unforgettable memory of your life event, we will create a timeless, unique, handmade and personalized ceramic set for you and your loved ones.

Would you like to carry your beloved story with you to nurture the everlasting memory?

The local story Wellness of the Soul reflects an essence of culture, human excellency, enogastronomy, art, feeds the Soul and the whole body. All the products are made from the heart, to enrich senses, increase joy and strengthen the natural flavors. With their images and messages they serve as an inspiration for discovering the depth and the beauty of your soul.

Wellness of the soul offers the opportunity to experience a day or night as something unique. It enriches weddings, anniversaries, special moments such as achieving personal success, graduation, family festivities and business celebrations.

For you we design:

Wellness of the Soul

You can choose between 3 and 5 piece gilded tableware sets -“Wellness of the Soul”
Plates 18/21/29 cm diameter, bowls 18 cm diameter, cups 9×6/10×7 cm with saucer 15/16 cm diameter
Handmade, engobe, glassed, gilded – 12 k gold

Memory for you

Art design & quality

Inspire your way

Magic moments

Handmade ceramics

Authentics experience

Nourishing the soul & body

Special culinary menu