Creative workshops

Creative workshops

With art and the energy of motivation, we love to inspire positive changes and the better handling of challenges, focusing individually on personal goals and building your personal identity.

Our creative workshops are a place to encourage personal growth. We create workshops for smaller groups and individuals of all generations in search of personal growth. We prepare them for all those who want to follow themselves in accordance with personal values, beliefs, passions and talents, have a positive attitude, have a clear vision, be motivated and proactive. All in a creative way according to you!

By using NLP, coaching, humanistic psychology, intuition, art and creativity we love to combine different interdisciplinary areas of new stories and innovative projects to contribute to a harmonious life.

At the workshops, we lead you to insights and finding answers on how to meet the challenges of modern times, how to enclose to changes as constants in life. Together we will discover how to activate potential pathways which help you follow higher personal goals, to awaken their inner strength, to encourage talents and abilities on the path of personal growth and mission. We integrate innovative, playful, creative approaches that open new opportunities behind each individual to move forward.

Albert Camus once said: “Life is a sum of all your choices. ” And which options do you choose? Which opportunities can we find together? What can we do to be more satisfied and happy?

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Your energy is something special. You really know how to inspire people so that they take action towards positive changes. We got much more than we had expected.
Matej from Kranj

Start up PVSP

I was not bored even for a moment, what tells a lot. The most important part of the workshop is the link between theory and practice. The crucial skill for me is how to anchor, which I’ll definitely use in my daily life.
Mateja from Gorenjska

Tuned lecturers, interesting practical contents and art concept: simply great. One was promoted and the other was moderated, which made the workshop very fluent. Nice workshop that interweaved theory and experience and highlighted the contiguity. You showed the management model of such a workshop, which is worth modelling. Rarely I see that all the aspects of the workshop are so intertwined. Awesome experience. Thank You.
Alenka from Ljubljana

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