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What is coaching

Coaching is an interactive process in which the coach, using special techniques, initiates thought processes that help individuals, companies, organizations and institutions to achieve better results faster and more efficiently. (International Coach Federation – USA)

The goal of the coaching process is to:
  • Reduce and eliminate obstacles on the way to achieving goals,
  • encourage creative thinking,
  • manage stress more easily,
  • utilize all potentials and opportunities for progress,
  • ensure an individual’s success,
  • increase inner peace, a sense of sattisfaction and balance,
  • enpower a person to live their life in accordance with their values and their mission.

Are you in a situation where you don’t know how to move forward? Do you lack internal motivation and support?

Do you wish for positive changes and are ready to invest your time and energy in progress and personal growth? Think about what you want to achieve in life, create a personal vision?

Discover – reflect disturbances, sources of strength, new possibilities, opportunities?

To take a step towards greater satisfaction, balance, a better quality of life?

If you answered yes to most questions, you are welcome to join our creative coaching with Anamarija. Book your first free 1:1 online coaching.

Coaching with creative techniques

To stimulate your creative potential, coaching with creative techniques consists of narrative and creative parts.

We lead the process in a structured but intuitive, integrated way. When building an individual’s identity, we use various creative concepts and techniques, such as: visual techniques, drawing, fractals, creative and intuitive thinking, visualization, metaphors, word magic and brainstorming.

With the help of imagination and learning experiences, creative techniques enable access to unconscious information and a change of perspective on one’s story. They provide insight into old habits and patterns, which are analyzed and changed with an expanded view.

They encourage relaxation, calmness, compassion, joy, creative enthusiasm and the process of self-reflective learning in an “out of the box” way. We focus on the individual’s search for his own way of expression, through which they can self-observe, reflect on what is happening, tell their story, and build their identity, social skills and inner potential for growth and empowerment.

We encourage personal growth in a playful, fun and interactive way. In the process, we encourage motivation and strive for positive changes and the achievement of inspiring results.

Coaching with creative techniques is for everyone who wants to work on their vision (personal, business, career) and desired future in a creative, playful, relaxed, more flexible, comprehensive, generative way. We will learn to think from different perspectives, delve into your authentic values, find original solutions and promote flow. We will increase the speed of your thinking and deepen your understanding of yourself and situations. We will encourage the integration of lessons learned from experience and transfer them into more effective practice.

Are you ready?

Let’s plant the seeds of a bright future! Book your first free 1:1 online coaching session.

Inspirational cards

The ‘Faces of Inspiration’ cards are the work of coach Anamaria Mulej and serve to encourage creativity and connection. Each card, along with the author’s illustration, offers us a word in Slovenian, English and Croatian that encourages us to think creatively and associatively, motivates us and helps us find a fresh, expanded “out of the box” insight into the topic we are dealing with.

With cards, we search for solutions in a creative way, explore word connections that emerge from the depths of our subconscious, include intuition, and strengthen attention. They also help establish a connection between the left/rational and right/creative hemispheres of the brain. When we use both halves of the brain, we are more complete and flexible people, capable of a more flexible communication, activation of our potentials and an easier achievement of desired goals.


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Try the playful technique with the ‘Faces of Inspiration’ cards under the guidance of author Anamarija Mulej.