Art/creativity coaching

»Art making is active, it empowers us to move forward with our learning immediately.« – J. Lachman

For everyone looking for a “path with heart” and a new revenue stream. Looking for a resonant specialty? With art¸ every day is much more fun, spontaneous and playful. Would you love to live a more conscious and fulfilled life?

Art-making as a coaching tool supports learning and enriches potentials, creativity… We can help you find creative and individual support for empowerment, self-realization and proactiveness. Through special technics, find answers to the questions Who I am, Where am I going, What do I believe in and What do I wish to achieve according to my own values and mission. Isn’t it valuable to know yourself – your passions, abilities, potentials and limitations at the same time?

Art – creativity coaching can be a part of everyday life for all generations.

Art/creativity coaching is intended for anyone who stops at a certain point but wants to discover a new insight into his/her life through conversation and to create a plan on how to carry on.

Time stops in the relaxing atmosphere of the Grand hotel Toplice, with its beautiful view over the picturesque landscape of Bled – including the island of Bled, Bled castle and the mountain Triglav – allowing us to sense and observe ourselves through new insight, a new perspective, and focus on what we want.
If you want in-depth insight and to uncover something new, something fresh on your life path, feel free to write to us to arrange a time for our meeting. You can also describe your situation and ask questions.
We will respond to you as soon as possible to let you know the date of the meeting.

Possible one-off one on one art coaching – personal contact and/or multiple art coaching sessions (5 – 10 times), timetable planed based on personal need.

You have presented the milestone in my thinking, understanding and perceiving
the world. Thank you
Sašo from Gorenjska

I could not even imagine such a wonderful conclusion of the visit of my dear Slovenia. Thank you for a wonderful experience, I feel I could overtake the mountain tops.
Ivica from Zagreb

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